Nenoos 360 is an educational program to improve school capacities of childrens... and seahorses!
Programme aimed at the training of specific capacities and personal development
Nenoos & the MBE program: emotional intelligence for children


Simultaneous use of the Soroban Abacus and NENOOS didactic games: By means of the Soroban Abacus, our students improve their mathematical ability, memorization capability, concentration, reading and listening speed, etc. We use didactic games of high educational value that pose a challenge to our students (tangram, lupo, letters, blocks...)

The Nenoos body 360 program (MBE) works to improve motor skills of children


Through Brain & Move, a practical and dynamic programme, we rely on learning systems based on movement with the objectives of relaxing, finding the natural rhythm of learning and starting the classes motivated. We use basic psychomotricity and dynamic teaching practice to exercise in tone, rhythm, space and laterality and thus learn how to focus and concentrate to improve our mood, vitality and sense of well-being.

The Nenoos 360º program (MBE) works children emotions to develop emotional intelligence and social skills of children aged 0 to 13 years


Techniques aimed at the management of emotions, the development of emotional intelligence and the improvement of social skills.

Emotional role-playing: We seek to enhance our students’ personal growth with the aim of promoting creative thinking and emotional management.

Social skills and debate: Initiating the child in the development of an active listening, attaining better communication and reflecting creatively with other students.

The Nenoos Centers are fashionable; They are the best and most fun way to improve school performance of children through games and programs Nenoos 360, Intelligent Leisure & Baby Nenoos
The little mermaid is playing with the soroban abacus. The Little Mermaid improve their numerical skills and mathematical abacus thanks to soroban. Be smart, do as the little mermaid in Nenoos


MINI 360

Mini 360 is a pioneering course in Spain, for children between 3 and 5 years old. The main objectives are cognitive and sensory stimulation through games, songs, and exercises designed to awaken and harness the intellectual potential.


It is a programme addressed to children between 5 and 8 years old, in which we place special emphasis on exercising the attention, concentration, autonomy and having a positive attitude towards learning. In addition, we contemplate movement and emotional management as essential parts for the improvement of school performance.


Focused on children from 8 years old. From this age on, the academic demands increase considerably; we consider it essential to succeed at making them able to relax and become motivated to plan, organize, make decisions and solve problems. This is achieved through our MBE approach, when emotions, feelings and thoughts coexist in harmony.

Intelligent Leisure: Nenoos improves the talent and creativity of children through workshops, extracurricular activities and games to make learning fun
Nenoos offers creative english workshops to enhance the talent in your children through the program MBE

The world in your hands

In these workshops, we will develop the most creative side of our students through an MBE approach. Specific objectives include the acquisition of knowledge, encouraging creativity, improving fine motor skills and fostering social skills and teamwork. Using polymer clay as a working tool (a revolutionary type of clay, non-toxic, with no stains or residues, and very easy to use), and we will develop different topics. The first one is The Animal Kingdom, through which we will learn about different living beings while we learn from them.

Discovering talent

This program aims to enhance the talents of our students through an MBE approach. To this effect, we develop skills such as creativity, imagination, ingenuity, attention, visuospatial ability..., which will take children to discover a world full of information through three main topics: reconstructing history, discovering vocations and developing inventiveness, whilst we encourage teamwork and social skills.

We tell you

Who says holidays are for rest? In NENOOS we don't stop for a while! In our Smart NENOOS (3-13 years) program, you can continue to enjoy the magic of the NENOOS world in a more playful way and during vacation periods. We have prepared a series of themes where through innovative materials we will discover the world around us. Do not waste a minute and get on the NENOOS ship!

Baby Nenoos is a fun and novel method of early education for children aged 0 to 3 years

Baby Ready

Baby Ready is an educational program intended for children from 2 to 3 years old, which lays the foundations of learning anticipating the initiation to school through game.

Baby Active

Program addressed to children from 0 to 2 years old with the aim to stimulate kids properly and also to train their parents so they can develop the activities and exercises at home.

Las mascotas del universo Nenoos también hacen sus actividades extraescolares con el programa Baby Nenoos
Nenoos Emprendedores es un programa de educación financiera que fomenta el espíritu emprendedor en niños y niñas de 3 a 13 años

We Are Entrepreneurs

Through the game, we enhance the skills that a successful entrepreneur has: creativity, sociability, learning ability, passion and perseverance. In addition, students will work on concepts of economics and finance that will help them discover aspects of everyday life: expenses and income, loan, bank account, responsible and sustainable consumption, savings...

Entrepreneurs Experience

At NENOOS Entrepreneurs, we develop a work method through the game that allows us to solve problems and materialize our ideas in seven steps: to understand, to observe, to explain, to brainstorm, to create prototypes, to prove and to apply.