What do we offer?

In NENOOS we help our franchisees succeed: we´re there to help our partners develop their business, grow, gain market share and ultimately feel satisfied.

When you open your NENOOS business, all our team is there to support you. We offer pre and post-opening support, and on-going advice, coaching, and training to ensure our franchisees have every chance of growing their franchise and the strength of our worldwide brand.

Advantages for the franchisee

  • - NENOOS is a fresh, fun, proven and unique learning method that offers a variety of courses for growing your business through several revenue streams.
  • - Our business sits within one of the most rapidly growing market sectors across the planet with a huge potential for future growth.
  • - A learning approach that has been thoroughly tested by professionals with visible results in our students.
  • - Turn-key business model.
  • - High profitability, quick payback, low initial investment, low fixed costs and minimal risk.
  • - Exclusive territories.
  • - Our franchisees benefit from our continuous R+D and new products and services to sell in their local territories.
Stingrays are fascinating, majestic, strong and safe animals; They have the same qualities that your children develop with the MBE method at Nenoos
Are you looking for Nemo? He also seeks you, and is in Nenoos

NENOOS Franchise models

You can choose the franchise model Nenoos in your own center, with the overall brand image of Nenoos. Will support you from the beginning all you need, with a global turnkey project

You can choose to open your very own stand-alone NENOOS branded centre OR...

You can choose the franchise model Nenoos in shared center into an already in operation center, and implementing one or more Nenoos programs under the MBE approach

You can operate from an existing, approved learning centre.

Whether you choose the franchise model Nenoos in own center or the model franchise in aided schools, Nenoos never let you go to the bottom because we will always be there to get the most of your educational business profitability
Thanks to our successful expansion within the Spanish market, NENOOS is now seeking MASTER FRANCHISES in select international markets! Once awarded, our Master Franchise operators are responsible for opening and managing the successful growth of NENOOS in their home country. 
NENOOS offers a potentially highly profitable turn-key business model with total exclusivity in each country we open in, as well as a business in a booming sector. 
If our Master Franchise opportunity sounds interesting to you, and you believe you have the correct professional experience, background, temperament and financial resources to become an exceptional NENOOS partner, we encourage you to submit a complete but brief application so that we may provide you with further details on this incredible and timely opportunity.  We look forward to hearing from you! 


Nenoos franchise is a profitable, fast growing, low investment and very quickly revenues what you invest in the wonderful world of education for children

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