Everyone wants to come to our Nenoos centers throughout Spain, because they enhance the emotional and intellectual development of children in primary education
The Nenoos Centers are fashionable; They are the best and most fun way to improve school performance of children through games and Nenoos 360, Intelligent Leisure & Baby Nenoos program, an MBE approach

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Locate our centres and discover the comprehensive method to develop intelligence in a fun and effective way.

We get your children to acquire social skills, public speaking and leadership skills to emerge from his shell and be ethical and valuable leaders in their circles
Like the Little Mermaid, in Nenoos we care about your children and their training, in order to improve the talent and creativity of your children
You do not need 8 arms to improve emotional intelligence, social skills and intellectual development of children of primary education; simply follow the Nenoos MBE method that exercises the mind, body and emotions
Contact our Nenoos centers Spain wide; there's a center Nenoos improving the intelligence and creativity of children close to you
If you are interested in the world of alternative early childhood education, with novel high throughput methods, you have to contact Nenoos
In Nenoos we will be happy to explain to you our teaching model, our franchise model or the eficience of the MBE method (Mind, Body & amp; Emotions)

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